Sunday, June 15, 2008

Rough Draft Artist Statement



1.     Bring an abstract or artist statement to the next meeting.


I am interested in conflating the art and fashion industry in order to collapse medium specificity within an artistic practice. In order to visually communicate the blurring of Fine Art and Haute Couture I feel that is necessary to materially break down boundaries to confuse something predominately 2 dimensional for another that which is 3 dimensional. Using paint on canvas and photographic processes, I am interested in creating ‘textiles’ that define the quintessence of the ‘handmade mark’. Continuing with this idea I am also interested in using these ‘textiles’ to construct by hand an object that resembles a couture gown. What I hope to communicate is the true presence of the creator, the integrity of the artist, as well as a response or question to the ultimate dissolution of boundaries and specificity.


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