Sunday, June 15, 2008

Assignment 1

Journal Reflections:


1.     Briefly describe one positive research experience of week 1.

 I have been very fortunate in the fact that with every endeavor and exploration I initially pursued, another question, idea, thought etc resulted. I have been able to take my original ideas and push them to the next level. Whether that level be a new direction in concept or new way of materially communicating the idea. From the general issues of the handmade product in art and fashion, I have branched out into exploring ontology, the history of art and fashion also being ‘handcrafted’, different ways of revealing integrity within an artistic practice (whether it be art or fashion), and also how to express the life and ‘alivedness’ of the human creator rather than mundane mechanized machine. In creating sketches I was drawn to my unconscious employment of designs compartmentalized into 6 units, which led to me to think about carbon (whose atomic number is also 6), and way in which algorithms that represent life (Fibonacci sequence) can be employed in the construction of my final objects. With all the thought about numbers it also made me contemplate numbers vs words, numbers expressing a value and words used for communication… interestingly so the timeline of fashion is demarcated by numbered periods (the 80s, the 90s etc) and in art it is in words, the –isms (expressionism, impressionism).

2.  Briefly describe one negative research experience of week 1

There has not been any real negative experience within my own research. Though I had come across a couple obstacles in trying to prepare my working space (keys, chemicals, etc.) though those problems have been situated. Other than that I sliced off a small bit of my finger while cutting photo paper (nothing too serious that some pressure and bandages couldn’t help) and locked my keys in the darkroom (though I was rescued by pub safety). Also I think there might be a leak in the sink I am using, which I will attend to as soon as maintenance is present.


3.  What goals do you have for next week?

I have started the construction of my first garment and would hope to have it completed within a week. While constructing, I still want to mull over newfound interests and ideas and materially explore their relevancy to my research.

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