Thursday, February 18, 2010

Senior moves in the field

Moves in the field and dance diagrams

red string on pointer finger

TR 32.07 Junior Free Skate Test
The candidate must give a performance that is generally very good in all respects. Focus should be on power, flow, edge quality, line and
footwork control. The program should demonstrate a good, harmonious composition that is skated to the music with rhythm and expression,
while utilizing the full ice surface. The following elements are required:
Jumps: Maximum of eight jumping elements for men and seven jumping elements for ladies, including the following requirements:
1. At least three different double jumps, one of which must be a double flip
2. One jump combination consisting of two double jumps (no turn or change of foot between jumps)
3. One jump sequence consisting of small jumps, followed by any double jump
4. An Axel type jump
Spins: Maximum of three spins including the following requirements:
1. Flying spin (minimum 6 revolutions in position)
2. Spin in one position (minimum 6 revolutions in position)
3. Spin combination consisting of all three positions and one change of foot (minimum of 2 revolutions in each position and minimum
of 5 revolutions on each foot and a minimum of 10 revolutions total).
1. One step sequence of advanced difficulty, covering the full ice surface. See Rule 3643 (G) for description
Extra elements may be added without penalty.
Duration: Ladies — 3:30; Men — 4:00, to music of the skater’s choice.
Two different elements may be retried, if necessary.
Passing total: 8.0
Passing average: 4.0
Judging panel required: Three gold singles/pairs judges.

Saturday, February 13, 2010