Friday, June 13, 2008

The Number 6... Algorithms... Life

In my mad pursuit of sketching, I realized that one of my "dress designs" was compartmentalized... and it was in 6 sections... It was so splendid to draw a connection of that unconscious employment of 6 compartments to Carbon whose atomic number is indeed 6!!! 

Carbon is the basis and backbone to ALL organic life... How great it was to think about a garment for life representing and talking about life... 

This unintentional discovery made me think back to what I had mentioned before concerning numbers... perhaps numbers ($$ amounts) could have some academic/intellectual resonance out side of a value scale... or maybe .... (for fashion) What if every price for something had to be a number that came from some sort of algorithm... or its numerology had to have some basis in whatever the garment was trying to communicate about the individual... or perhaps ... (for Art) the construction of it was based around an algorithm... 

And then it hit me.... tHE FIBONACCI SEQUENCE!!!! ... i have become mildly obsessed with this beautiful spiral  (perhaps robert smithson was too!) and sequence of number (And Mario Merz as well!!! )... So i started to write it out ... but without numbers....

hmmm                    ......                                  ......

...looks kind of like a figure wearing a voluminous dress
 (lucky for me dresses/skirts with a lot of volume are 'in style' this spring/summer)

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