Saturday, July 11, 2009

Nostalgia: The Great Escape

an escape, nostalgia, the great escape

Once upon a dream in a far away land
that which never existed
however only perfectly imperceptible
except within the depths of her minds confines
while visions of fading pasts danced in her brain
From her wildest imagination to endless possibilities
came tragic limits plighting the desires and dreams...

Oh what bliss! What true unadulterated ignorance!
as her lashes dropped like curtains
from which shadows danced across
like forms on the walls decorating
a dimly illuminated cave
arriving while constantly fleeting
as moths and flames and candles and lives
forever do...

As light became dark
and dark becomes light
drifted into a light existence...
falling further toward the dark...
birth bloom decay, repeat
reaching , clawing, grasping,
a one way ticket to this cycle
lost, alas, oh dank depths, again
comfort: she sank back into the depth
letting the dark, then light, embrace her shoulders
to loose herself once more
in this life of slowly melting wax ...

For when its curtain call
and your last line is spoken
with a graceful bend at the waist
the rhythmic beating of clapping hands.
and the last rose has fallen upon
the fading lights and the silence
of the nothingness that is the sea
of crushed red velvet
a single ghost on the stage
the show is over
and the curtains are drawn back

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