Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Statement of Artistic Endeavors

As an artist I am interested in creating work that engages the audience visually and intellectually. Physical matter combined with sound and audio become the disparate elements I arrange in order to reflect on nostalgia and question the current values of our digital age. I am interested in using digital processes to record and edit video and audio. The virtual digital information is then transferred to a deprecated analog format. In creating the antithesis of this summer’s monumental transition from analog to digital television, I’m specifically curious about nostalgia and how it fits into today’s society of “bigger, faster, stronger”. Growing up as a young child and having the physical ability to touch and interact with VHS tapes, as well as engage visually and aurally, created a multi-sensorial experience which models common human perception, which is in stark contrast to the state of sensory deprivation existing in today’s media.

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