Monday, July 7, 2008


Artists dealing with Architecture... Psycho Building: artists take on architecture is the exhibition
--> there is a sweet video at the bottom of the page (
  • -Artists dealing with the structure of the Hayward Museum in honor of its 40th anniversary 
  • -experience that deals with all the senses and how we experience space \
  • - artists play with architectural structure and language 
  • -Explosions... air port city...Memory... Olfactory.. suspending a moment
My Favorite::: Fog FROG.... 
  • ********and using cloves and dealing with the olfactory !!!! SMELL Is the most primordial sense that is experienced in the back of the brain in close proximity to the spinal cord... it the only sense that has i believe 54 neural sensory receptors (the eyes have ONLY 4!!!) ... and it less likely to be Abstracted!!!!!! It is the Most REAL and HUMAN!!!!! .. your hearing and seeing occurs in the prefrontal cortext approximately the forehead area and is subjected to Abstraction!!!!!!!

(need to print this... Its hard to read via Online... plus you loose something within the experience without that tactility...)

*** Dick Hebdige - Street clothing 
***Deleuze - 1,000 plateaus
*** (find something on hyperbolic planes!!!!!!)

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