Wednesday, October 17, 2007

How to organize your brain in terms of computer files....

It is an incredible perception to equate a human brain to that of a computer hard drive. Just as the brain stores information, so does the the hard drive. Though the two differ in a plethora of ways, I can not help but continuously draw parallels. A click or an audio/visual clue will conjure up files/memories.

What if you created a folder called brain, and within that folder created more folders, and then within those folders created more folders etc. so that the further from the parent folder the more specific the folder...

what if you could reach a memory by typing in a command... something similar to:

Though, what does it mean:

to reduce something sensorial/experiential to text?
for memories to be accessible to anyone?
accessible via inter web?
to be blocked into one pathway?
to be contained an exist in one location?
not to exist as other memories on the same loci?
to try to recall memories and share them as text?

More to follow...

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