Thursday, July 5, 2007

Innocence vs. Absurdity

Absurdity and absurdist actions, according to Camus, are identifiable by their lack of explication and solutions. Rather they are replete with description and experience. It is the 'what' not the 'why' which perpetuates and serves as a catalyst for absurd existence.

It hard for me to recollect actions i have engaged in that have had been inexplicable or with out a directive motive. It has been as though anything denoting absurdity has inherently become the alienated response.

Perhaps it is because of the experience pertaining to that of the absurd in which i have previously angaged in, or ,maybe because it is in that incomprehension of the absurd, that i have been deterred from a purely experiential situation, and have since sought out an existence based on the concreteness of a mathematical equation.

Within existing and engaging in a diminishing amount of absurdist actions it is in the popular notion of 'growing up' or 'maturing' that has placed such negative connotations upon the idea of absurdist living. Anything without an answer is taboo. Yet when we question an answer that has become the epitome of taboo. It is as if the pursuit of living has become synonomous with solidified solutions and rationale.

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