Thursday, May 3, 2007

Important Findings

"When I started to develop the script, there was one moment clearly in my mind. It was a winter’s night. I was standing in snow with my cameras. It was dark and I was taking pictures of a brightly-lit swimming pool from the outside. Suddenly I saw myself and the whole situation from a distance. That image became more interesting to me than what I was seeing through my camera at that moment. I thought how strongly imbedded a person’s own image is in his or her consciousness and how creating images and taking photographs at a specific moment shapes that image. Pictures remain to witness the existence of their taker as tangible objects, but they also represent captured moments in the flow of an individual’s memory. That one moment and the thoughts it evoked formed the basis for my film Black Water."
--- Salla Tykkä on her latest film 'Zoo'

"It is now time to reevaluate the once-horrifying statement of John Ruskin that architecture is the decoration of construction, but we should append the warning of Pugin: it is all right to decorate construction but never construct decoration."
- found in Edward Tufte's Envisioning Information

architecture is the mother of all arts.

"it's the way they draw these wretched tables!"
(accompanied with a drawn falt image of king and queen at flat tables with plates, cups, etc falling off the table)


Things/Artists i need to check out, further explore:

1.) Salla Tykka (
2.) Matthew Buckingham
3.) Cabinet

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